Progressive Enhancement is essential

[last updated Jan. 2021]

Thankfully, it seems the importance of Progressive Enhancement is resurfacing due to the “Internet of Things” and the importance of supporting older and lower-end devices (especially for developing countries where it may be the only option for many users).

Semantic markup is an important part of the Progressive Enhancement technique, so it also helps accessibility (and SEO if I dare mention that!)

Since I live in the web-dev world, I always try to post resources about the topic on social media, especially on my Twitter account. Here’s a solid list I’ve procured:


PS: I’m also a long-time developer of progressive enhancement (when I was a dev, that is). A great example of mine in the accessible Twitter web app, Easy Chirp.

Author of @EasyChirp & @WebAxe; day job at @DequeSystems. Husband & father. Enjoy espresso, football, and ‘80s music.

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